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Try this, Apple: Xbox greets PlayStation 4 with a nice tweet

Can you imagine Cupertino greeting a new Samsung Galaxy with a congratulatory tweet? Well, it seems things are different in the gaming world.

How sweet. Xbox/Twitter

There's too much fighting in the world.

Wars are everywhere. And then sporting and business entities co-opt the postures and the language, making themselves look faintly silly.

How unusually pleasant, then, for Xbox to offer simple congratulations to Sony on the launch of its PlayStation 4.

The Xbox Twitter account was adorned Friday with this message: "Congratulations on your launch, Sony."

All right, it wasn't exactly lyrical. It may not have been entirely heartfelt, either.

But most of the time we're used to one tech company explaining why another's products have feet of clay.

Apple is constantly telling us that all other gadgets are heaps of scrap metal and recycled plastic, designed by teenage copiers in some dingy basement.

Equally, we're used to Microsoft telling the world that the iPad is merely an overly designed, superficial, technologically dated fashion accessory.

And sometimes it all ends up in court.

It's charming, then, that Microsoft's Xbox team thought better than to besmirch. They didn't offer any suggestion that PS4 was just a dullard's paradise.

Perhaps they're confident that their own launch of Xbox One on November 22 will surpass anything Sony has to offer.

There could, indeed, have been a touch of snide mixed in with this apparently cheery spirit.

But don't we all look forward to the day when a Samsung product launches and Apple offers a congratulatory tweet?

Of course, Apple would have to open a Twitter account first.

Still, at least Apple's Tim Cook has one now.