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Try out BlackBerry 10 on your iPhone or Android device

Get a preview of BlackBerry 10 using only your iPhone or Android browser.

Not sure what all the hype about BlackBerry 10 is about? If you're feeling undecided about whether to abandon your beloved iPhone or Android device, BlackBerry is offering a glimpse of its new OS -- just go to its new website from your phone's browser.

The aim is to replicate at least some of the major features of BB10 through your mobile browser of choice. Unfortunately, the experience is a tad on the slow side.

Go to the glimpse site and you'll be met with a replica BB10 unlock screen. From there you can check out the Hub, BBM video chat, keyboard functionality and the ability to quickly minimise apps. In chat you get to play as dark and handsome Greg Stark, who I think is clearly having a work-based affair with Anna in Chicago (!).

Office romance roleplaying aside, the demo is very limited and doesn't seem likely to drag many people away from their current ecosystem.

To make things worse for the ailing BlackBerry, its rivals' development continues apace, with a new notification system for Android likely to roll out shortly. And with iOS 7 in the works, BlackBerry will face a war from both sides -- a war it seemingly cannot win.

Have you tried the BlackBerry 10 demo? If so, has it made you crave a Z10? Shout about it at the top of your voice in the comments below, or over on our Facebook page