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Try Google's latest autocomplete fail: 'Sit on my face'

Probably not the thing you'd want to text your babysitter.

Taylor Martin/CNET

When Cory Doctorow needed a babysitter, he decided to send a text -- "Hey! Are you free to sit."

Google's autocomplete thought it might be fun to add three rather specific words: "on my face."

"Sit on my face," in other words. 

Which is probably not what you want to text your babysitter.


Also maybe don't Google that?

BuzzFeed reports that Google is aware of the issue and is already rolling out a fix, but CNET can confirm that it's not fully rolled out quite yet. (We just got it to pop up on one CNET editor's phone -- though I, sadly, couldn't reproduce it on my personal one.)


Screenshot by Lori Grunin/CNET

So now you have a fun thing to share with friends this weekend! Try it while you can, folks.

P.S. Sadly, asking a Google Home to "sit on my face" only pulled up a Pandora Radio channel. But I do listen to a lot of that in my house.

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