Trusteer offers up malware search tool

Company has launched Attack Trace, which allows users to submit a Web address and determine whether the site is being hit by malicious software.

Trusteer, a company that provides online protection services, announced Wednesday that it launched a malware search tool that allows users to see what kind of attacks are targeting Web sites.

Dubbed Attack Trace, the company's search engine allows users to submit a Web address and determine if it's being attacked. Once queried, the search engine performs diagnostic functions on the site to determine if malware is attacking it and how severe each instance is. Once it finds the malware, it returns a list of configuration files to inform users about the attacks the site faces.

Developing a malware search tool is a great idea, especially in today's environment of online fraud and scams, but the main issue facing Trusteer is that it will always need to catch up to malicious hackers. According to the company, the service only finds known Trojans and other well-known attacks, which means the service won't know if a Web site is being targeted by something new. For its part, Trusteer claims the search engine will be constantly updated by its research organization as it finds new malware.

Trusteer's Attack Trace search engine is live now on the company's site.

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