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TruSecure readies defense-analysis tools

The security specialist's new package is designed to measure how effectively a company's IT defense systems are working.

Security company TruSecure on Monday will unveil a set of applications that aim to help companies measure how effectively their IT defense systems are working.

Dubbed Risk Commander 2.0, the release is TruSecure's effort to lure larger customers by taking the technology and expertise it has previously marketed to companies as a consulting service and turning it into a package of software tools. The company believes that many potential customers, especially larger organizations, are looking for security assessment systems that leave control of protected data in customers' own hands.

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"Many customers have their own methods for handling security, and their view is that a lot of contractors or consultants come in with an outside approach," said Eric Cady, product manager at TruSecure. "But a lot of organizations that have plenty of experience are still looking for assessment tools that allow them to better manage the process."

Cady said that at least two of the nation's largest financial services institutions are already testing the product.

TruSecure is one of a series of companies that offers products and services designed to help companies determine how vulnerable their networks are to new security threats. The Herndon, Va.-based company also sends out information on the latest security flaws to enterprise customers, as do many of its competitors, including Qualys and Symantec.

In addition to monitoring the performance of a company's IT security systems, the Risk Commander 2.0 package is meant to help customers comply with regulatory guidelines such as the Basel II accounting standard and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, which sets standards for protecting consumers' personal information.

Among the features to be offered by the TruSecure software are a central user interface for managing regulatory-compliance efforts. The system also provide survey-type data and scorecards for measuring a customer's success at meeting specific regulations, the company said.

Risk Commander 2.0 will retail at a starting price of $150,000.