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Truphone talks turkey with free calls on Thanksgiving

Truphone is offerng free calls to US numbers on Thanksgiving. If you know anyone in the US, this could be the time to call them and tell them how to say 'niche' properly

If you have friends in the States, Thursday's the time to call them: Truphone is offering free calls to US phone numbers for Thanksgiving.

The offer is open to all Truphone users anywhere in the world. You'll be able to call any US mobile phone or landline. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection and the Truphone voice over IP (VoIP) application on your mobile phone.

The free calls will be available from noon to midnight Greenwich Mean Time, or 7am to 7pm Eastern Standard Time. Truphone has a tool to check how this equates to your time zone if you're outside dear old Blighty.

Calls to the US are usually priced at 0.013p per minute by Truphone, so a half-hour call will cost you just 39p. Even if you stayed on the phone for the entire 12-hour window it would still cost less than a tenner, although that's ten quid you can spend on extra potatoes and sherry come Christmas (31 shopping days left, folks!).

Truphone offers a number of free mobile options: there are apps for iPhone, Android and Nokia. Other similar services include Fring, Jajah and Skype. Right, we're off to look up the numbers for our charming colleagues over at to explain how to spell 'colour' properly.