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Trump to visit Apple's Austin factory ahead of Mac Pro launch

The president plans to visit the facility where Apple's new high-profile computers are expected to be made.

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Cook's positive relationship with Trump is said to have worked well for Apple.

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President Trump is about to get a closeup look at Apple's new Mac Pro when he visits the tech giant's manufacturing facility in Austin, Texas, on Wednesday, the White House confirmed Monday.

The trip, which was earlier reported by CNBC and Reuters, will likely include a meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook. Apple didn't responded to a requests for comment.

Trump's visit marks another likely win for Cook, who was one of the first tech CEOs to meet with the president shortly after his 2016 election win and who has cultivated a positive relationship since

Cook's connection to Trump has helped Apple in its efforts to reduce the impact from the president's trade war. Cook was able to convince the White House to scale back tariff plans that could impact the iPhone, the Wall Street Journal reported.

But Apple hasn't been able to completely avoid tariffs. In September, the company announced it would manufacture the its new Mac Pro desktop, coming later this year starting at $5,999, in the US thanks in part to tariff relief. 

But the computer won't entirely escape the trade war. Trump said he would not give Apple relief on the parts made in China. Those include the computer's stainless steel and aluminum frame, internal cables and circuit boards, according to filings with the Office of the US Trade Representative. Trump said Apple should make the parts in the US instead.

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