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Tech Industry

So much for the Trump-tech alliance! (The 3:59, Ep. 170)

Many tech industry heavyweights criticize President Donald Trump's new immigration ban, which may kill off efforts for both sides to work together.


President Donald Trump's immigration ban has soured his relationship with many tech titans.

Drew Angerer, Getty Images

President Donald Trump's amicable relationship with tech industry leaders has soured.

After Trump signed an executive order on Friday to temporarily ban immigration from seven countries, CEOs from tech giants like Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft have spoken out against the president. They've blasted the ban as "simple bigotry" and "un-American."

This comes just over a month after executives from those four companies attended Trump's tech summit, where the then president-elect attempted to make peace with the tech industry. Uber has been facing backlash for its CEO Travis Kalanick's ties to Trump as one of his advisers, sparking the #DeleteUber hashtag over the immigration ban.

We talk about what Trump's actions have meant for the tech industry and how their shaky relationship will play over the next four years. Also on the podcast, a preview of what's to come for Apple's earnings from the iPhone 7.

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So much for the Trump, tech alliance! (The 3:59, Ep. 170)


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