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Trump says 'ask the gays,' gays flip him the bird on Twitter

Technically Incorrect: Surprise. On social media, you don't always get the response you might have hoped for.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Asked and answered.

Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Lawyers tell me they never ask questions in court without knowing the answers.

This same general policy doesn't seem to apply to politicians.

Some are so (over)confident that they tell people to ask questions, merely believing they know the answers.

Or, in the case of Donald Trump, perhaps not wondering whether someone will actually ask the questions he says should be asked.

After his numb-mouthed, self-aggrandizing response to the massacre in an Orlando gay club, the presumptive Republican candidate for president continued to assert that he was a champion of the LGBT community.

This may be because Trump believes he's a champion of everyone and a champion at everything.

He did, though, issue a challenge to those who weren't quite convinced that he was quite what he claims.

On Wednesday, he suggested during a speech that people "ask the gays" about how they're treated in Saudi Arabia and other countries and then decide who's a better friend: Hillary Clinton or himself.

The memes flowed on Twitter like tweet, tweet Trump chardonnay. Below, I present just a few for your edification.

Perhaps my favorite was this, from a tweeter with the screen name r 0 b y n: "#AskTheGays how to blend your damn foundation." This was accompanied by an image of Trump with especially striking makeup.

Many brands -- some even larger than Trump's -- have discovered that inviting response from the wide world can lead to unforeseen consequences on social media. Just ask Coke about the time it wound up tweeting elements of "Mein Kampf."

The Trump campaign didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

It's not as if his likely opponent, Hillary Clinton, has a stellar record of support for the LGBT community. She seems to have waited until public opinion was overwhelmingly in favor before deciding that, yes of course she's for gay marriage.

However, her campaign took to Twitter to answer the question of who might be better for the gay community than Trump. The tweet was a single word: "Hi."