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Wearable Tech

See how big Trump's hands are in VR

You can arrange your own presidential meet and greet -- in the Oval Office no less -- with an HTC Vive app.


Psst, want to win White House Clue? It was the president in the Oval Office with the nuclear codes.


Ever wanted to check out the size of Donald Trump's hands yourself? Your time has come.

HTC is letting everyone get up close and personal with the 45th US president via its VR headset, the Vive, the company said Friday.

Available now in the Vive app store, "Wide Awake" allows you to explore a detailed, true-to-life recreation of the Oval Office. In the middle stands Trump, whom HTC describes as the "most photo-realistic human in VR today."

The screenshots for the app have a Clue-like vibe with moonlight illuminating burgundy curtains. You get a flashlight for your exploration, allowing you to shine it at objects such as Trump's luminescent locks, if you so wish.

While much VR content is focused on gaming, app developer John MacInnes sees his creation as "art." This is a "tableau vivant, in the American tradition of artists like Edward Hopper in painting, Gregory Crewdson and Cindy Sherman in photography," he said in a statement.

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