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The fallout from the Trump and Clinton debate: Who won?

Social Cues: Twitter and Facebook users have lots to say about Monday night's political showdown.

Social media was buzzing in the aftermath of the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

CBS video screenshot by CNET

Facebook and Twitter are running a political fever this morning over last night's faceoff between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Rumors of new Google hardware also swirled across Facebook, over possible hybrid software for laptops and tablets and a potential leak about its next Chromecast video-streaming device.

Social Cues is your go-to guide for all things trending on social media. Here's what's trending on Tuesday:

US Presidential Debate: It was one of the most highly anticipated political debates in US history, as Clinton took on Trump. While the Twitter discussion was already buzzing in real time on Monday night with memes and memes and parody accounts aplenty, Facebook users faced the aftermath on Tuesday morning, as the site filled up with fact-checking articles and each candidate's verbal jabs. By the time the debate was trending on Facebook, Twitter was already deciding who won.

#TrumpWon: Despite the hashtag declaring Trump's debate victory, half of the posts were arguing that the Republican candidate did not. "I'm no Hillary fan, but he came off flustered and on the defensive half the time," Anthony Fantano tweeted with the hashtag. Trump's dedicated fans came out in full support of the candidate after the debate, pointing to online polls declaring him the winner. Trump tweeted out his good news, but didn't comment on the outpouring of posts mocking the hashtag.

Google Andromeda: Facebook users are buzzing over rumors of Google's Android-Chrome OS hybrid for a potential new Pixel laptop and Nexus tablet. The new OS will reportedly be called Andromeda and would be released in late 2017. It may be discussed at a Google event set for October 4.

Chromecast: A possible leak of Google's upcoming Chromecast Ultra, an update to its Wi-Fi streaming device, is dominating social media. If the rumors are true, the new Chromecast will be able to stream 4K resolution content and cost $69, nearly twice the price of the current device.

Birdman: The rapper may finally have to "put some respek" on Lil Wayne. The "Cash Money" hip-hop artists have been caught in a heated feud after Birdman reportedly refused to pay Lil Wayne up to $70 million. Birdman was trending on Facebook after a judge forced him to provide his financial records to Lil Wayne's lawyers.