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True Green Confessions shares your planet-wasting ways

Guilty of crimes against the earth? This site shows you're not alone.

Ever fling fast-food wrappers from the window of your speeding Prius? True Green Confessions invites you to tell the tale. Unlike so many other green social networking websites that encourage you to practice bicycling, recycling and other planet-friendly habits, here you can share the shame of not doing enough or not caring enough about your fat carbon footprint.

There are many confessions about driving, like taking the SUV to the organic grocery store, as well as rants against "self-righteous" vegans. Other posts are a bit more twisted. One mother-to-be wrote: "I dont (sic) think I am contributing to overpopulation by having this baby...SOMEBODY has to help to supply the world with smart people."

This site is a fun Friday time-waster, but it should do more, like provide sinners a chance to communicate with each other or maybe do something to assuage their guilt. But the point seems less to atone than to flaunt your eco-flaws. (also see MakeMeSustainable and PostSecret.)