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Truck full of Axe body spray explodes, and Twitter smells a joke

No one was hurt in the Axe-ident on a Texas highway, but something sure smells funny.

Call it an Axe-ident.

A truck filled with cans of Axe body spray caught fire on Interstate 35 in Belton, Texas, on Friday, and the aerosol cans began to explode, the Austin American-Statesman reported.

No one was injured, WDRB-TV reported, although the highway was shut down for hours. 

But this wouldn't be making national news if it were just any product accident. This was Axe, (known in the UK and Australia as Lynx), which has an oft-mocked public image of being a strong-smelling product overused by teen boys desperate to attract dates. 

So of course, Twitter users immediately recognized something smelled funny.

And one Twitter user is predicting the explosion could turn up in a future comic book.