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Troux pitches enterprise architects

Troux Technologies on Monday is releasing an update to its repository software, part of a wave of tools designed to give IT executives better control over projects.

The company's Actionable Enterprise Architecture (AEA) Platform can now output information stored in the Metis repository and put it into the Cognos reporting format, according to company executives.

Repositories to store metadata appear to be of growing importance, particularly in regards to governance around services-oriented architectures.

IBM earlier this month released its WebSphere Registry and Repository, BEA Systems has acquired Flashline, WebMethods bought Infravio, and Hewlett Packard bought Mercury Interactive.

The approach of Troux's Metis repository is to give enterprise architects modeling and planning tools and a repository to gather information from different systems, including SOA projects and configuration information from systems management programs, James Rogers, the company's chief marketing officer.

Consolidated information provides some visibility into what a company's IT division is doing, he said.

For example, Troux customer Warner Brothers pulled information from its configuration management database to discover that it had 17 different systems for managing IP. Applications built on a repository allow architects to get information on the relative costs and people involved, Rogers said.