Troubleshooting Virex 7.2: Corruption of the /sw directory; Password Problems

Troubleshooting Virex 7.2: Corruption of the /sw directory; Password Problems


Corruption of the /sw directory The new .mac Virex 7.2 download appears to corrupt the /sw directory that is constructed by fink, a UNIX package manager. After attempting to apply the Virex update, the /sw directory (normally invisible without a fink installation) becomes available as an editable, visible directory.

A note on the Fink Web site reads:

"The Virex 7.2 package, currently being distributed free to all .Mac members, has a serious conflict with Fink. Fink users should not install Virex 7.2 under any circumstances. Installing it after Fink is installed will damage your Fink installation; installing it prior to Fink will make it impossible to install Fink without damaging Virex.

"This bug has been reported to Virex's manufacturer. We will keep the Fink community informed about the situation as it develops."

Password Problems MacFixIt reader Frederico points out a quirk that will prove a stumbling block for users attempting to access the eUpdate function in Virex:

"Virex 7.2's new eUpdate feature presents a dialog on launch requesting your 'administrator password' to authorize download; entering the current user admin password may net an error of "not recognized', if the admin password does not match the .Mac password [Ed. - matching the two passwords is a definite security compromise].

"In short, the issue is that the password must be for the registered .Mac account being used to authorize the use of Virex 7.2 in the first place; you may further find that the current user account's .Mac email address/username does not match the authorized "master" .Mac account; these settings can be changed in the Virex 7.2 Preferences panel under 'Customize my eUpdate server settings' and 'Server Settings' checkbox and button to access detailed settings, respectively."

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