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Troubleshooting the Power Mac G5: Crashes during iDVD encoding

Troubleshooting the Power Mac G5: Crashes during iDVD encoding

Crashes during iDVD encoding We have been receiving sporadic reports of problems with burning DVDs with iDVD using the internal Power Macintosh G5 SuperDrive. One reader writes

"I have found that iDVD tends to lock up a G5 machine during encoding. When it doesn't crash it fails to encode or go extremely slow. I had this problem on all three models at Two different Apple Stores. The Apple representatives were dumbfounded as well. "

Audio playback problems We previously reported some problems with buzzing/beeping issues on the Power Macintosh G5 that could have negative implications for audio/video professionals. We are now receiving some reports describing other, as of yet unexplained problems with the G5's audio output itself:

MacFixIt reader John writes "A number of people, including myself, are suffering serious sound problems on the new PowerMac G5. Playing sound through iTunes (some people have stated the problem also occurs with QuickTime, DVD player etc.) is just horrible. There are pops, clicks, sound dropout and something that I can only describe as digital 'wow and flutter' - I thought that had been consigned to history with the vinyl disc."

Our previously mentioned fix involves using Apple's CHUD tools to turn of "Nap" mode for the processors. However, as previously noted, this workaround only muffles the artifacts to an inaudible level in some set-ups. In highly sensitive, amplified sound environments, the chirps, beeps, and other strange noises are still noticeable.

Most reports indicate that the audio problems become worse after the G5 has been on for several minutes, or a processor intensive operation is taking place.

Rob Griffith's review of the Power Macintosh G5 includes a short audio clip comparing its fan noise level to that of a Power Macintosh G4/733.


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