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Troubleshooting Security Update 8-02-2002

Troubleshooting Security Update 8-02-2002

We continue to receive reports of odd occurences after installing the Security Update 8-02-2002, distributed by Apple late last week. Phillip Simmons writes:

"I recently had a problem with a just-out-of-the-box dual 1 Ghz G4 while attempting to install the 8/02/02 Security Update. While installing this update, the computer simply shut itself off. Not a hang or a freeze. There was no power.When I restarted, I got either a "broken folder" icon or a plain blue screen with the cursor in the top left corner (the pointer could be moved). On the advice of Apple Support, I tried reinstalling the OS from the software restore disks. It died again during Disk 3. A second support technician suggested initializing the hard drive first with Disk First Aid, then re-installing the OS. That procedure worked, and since then the system seems to be stable. Apple support suggested that the problem might have been a 'bad OS load' at the factory."

Russel Owen reports that running Apple's Repair Privileges utility may help resolve problems that occur after applying the 8-02-2002 Security Update.

"After installing the update, various applications would unexpectedly slow down or quit. Classic bombed into MacsBug with nothing running and basically no explanation that I could make out. Many of my applications would randomly start behaving very oddly (for instance entry boxes in dialogs would be disabled or the application would unexpectedly quit). I ended up restarting several times a day, as compared to basically never before that. This morning I ran Repair Privileges and then fskc -y from a single-user boot (which found and repaired 'minor' problems in the volume header). And I have run without problems all day today."