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Troubleshooting Safari: Broken alias can cause launch problems

Troubleshooting Safari: Broken alias can cause launch problems

For users experiencing long stalls on launching Safari; specifically instances where Safari will launch quickly but stall with a spinning beach ball about 3 seconds after the Safari Window comes up, and force quitting takes a minute or more, a broken alias caused by URL Manager Pro may be at play.

MacFixIt reader Wolf Naegeli writes:

"After many hours of futile attempts, we isolated the problem as being caused by broken aliases in URL Manager Pro bookmarks folder of the affected accounts.

"All our machines have the SharedMenus application enhancer installed in the System domain. A design flaw in either SharedMenus or the APE Manager makes it impossible to turn SharedMenus off for individual accounts. When unchecking SharedMenus in the APE Manager Preferences Pane, it copies SharedMenus.ape from /Library/Application Enhancers to ~/Library/Application Enhancers (disabled), but it fails to record the new setting in a local preference file to override the system-wide default, as a properly written preference pane should. When closing and reopening the System Preferences and selecting APE Manager again, the unchecked box for SharedMenus has become checked again, and APE Manager complains that there is an enabled and a disabled copy of SharedMenus.ape. It let's you choose which one to delete, but it does neither confirm or warn about success or failure. When you choose to delete the enabled copy, you think it worked, but in fact as an ordinary user you don't have permission to delete from the System Domain, and APE Manager fails to alert you about that, nor does it prompt for Administrator authentication!

"Anyway, removing or fixing the broken alias(es) in the bookmarks folder got Safari back to normal. Note that the location of the startup bookmarks can be chosen in URL Manager Pro's General Preferences. In our case we've standardized on a ~/Documents/Bookmarks folder with the individual account having the option to include default bookmark lists located at /Documents/Bookmarks via aliases. Since we use multiple accounts configured for special tasks we also share some bookmark files directly between accounts via aliases."

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