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Troubleshooting Safari 1.2: Successes; image problems; tabs not working; more

Troubleshooting Safari 1.2: Successes; image problems; tabs not working; more

We continue to receive reports, both good and bad, about Safari 1.2.

Safari Successes On the good side, we've received a good number of messages from readers who've found that sites that didn't work with earlier versions of Safari now work with Safari 1.2.

Problems loading images Following up yesterday's reports about problems loading images, MacFixIt reader Ronald Lanham writes:

"With the new Safari pre-loaded images (i.e. for rollovers) do not appear to be loading properly on most of my pages. They are supposed to pre-load at the splashscreen. On my website the upper navbar 'over' images do load properly (i.e. during the splashscreen). This happened immediately after the Safari update." (We're not sure exactly how the page is supposed to look, so we can't confirm this behavior on our machines.)

Tabs not working? We've received a few reports of problems with tabs since installing Safari 1.2. Arshad Tayyeb notes:

"I let software update update Safari, now tabs barely work! They work for a while, and then I hit Command-T, or File->New Tab, and no new tab shows up! My page does go blank though. Also, Command-clicking links does nothing once it gets in this state. I can quit and relaunch, and tabs work again, but they stop working within minutes."

Another reader reports, "I've been having problems with tabs refusing to appear unless I have the tab bar showing. This only seems to be at work, where I have to deal with a firewall and cache system. At home, all seems fine."

Problems using certain sites that worked in earlier versions Reader Doug Mitchell reports that Safari 1.2 no longer allows him to log in to his ISP's online spam filter system. Older versions of Safari worked fine, but version 1.2 results in an error that he has entered the wrong account information. (Internet Explorer continues to work fine, indicating that the site itself hasn't changed.)

Saft incompatibility problems As with nearly every Safari update, we've seen a number of reports of problems that ended up being caused by an incompatible version of Saft, the Safari add-on. If you're using Saft, make sure you're using a version that is officially compatible with the version of Safari that is installed on your Mac.

More font-related solutions Yesterday we noted that some readers have solved Safari problems by removing certain third-party fonts. Reader Wayne Bacer reports another font-related solution for Safari crashes:

"With help from Apple's tech support, we isolated the problem. We removed all of the fonts from the system font library, the user font library and the OS9 font folder and then replaced each group of fonts one at a time. The problem fonts were in the OS9 font folder. I found 5 fonts in the OS9 font folder that caused Safari to unexpectedly quit:

    More Wingbats SWM
    Elemento SWA
    Classical Ornaments SWA
    ITC Zapf Dingbats SWA
    Symbol Set SWA

"Each time I placed one of these fonts in the OS9 System Font Folder, Safari unexpectedly quit. As soon as I took it out, Safari worked again. This problem was posted in the Mac fixit forum so thanks to all of the users who offered advice."

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