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Troubleshooting Safari 1.2: Only for Mac OS X 10.3.x (Panther); Lost ability to see images; more

Troubleshooting Safari 1.2: Only for Mac OS X 10.3.x (Panther); Lost ability to see images; more

Only for Mac OS X 10.3.x (Panther) As stated in its documentation, Safari 1.2 is only compatible with Mac OS X 10.3.x. Some reader thoughts on the issue:

Chris writes "So it seems that Apple leaves all users with versions other than Mac OS X 10.3.x out in the cold. No upgrades to Safari, Java or many other OS components besides the occasional security update to avoid any liability in case of a security hole in OS X."

Lost ability to see images Several readers report an inability see images after the update. Mark Chandler writes "After installing Safari 1.2 thru software update I lost the ability to see images! Any images, including my homepage photo album. Icons were also blank!  After doing a file find and completely deleting Safari,  then reinstalling Safari with the stand alone app off apples web site, everything is back to normal. It seems the installation thru software update combined with the Java download threw a hitch in the giddyapp. Installed separately everything seems to go smooth."

So if you are having problems seeing images and obtained Safari 1.2 through Software Update, you may want to try using the standalone installer, available from Apple's Web site.

Still lacking One reader notes that Safari 1.2 still lacks some support for web-based CMS. He writes "Many CMS use some visual (aka WYSIWYG) editor for textarea edits (e.g. Epoz or HTMLarea). Safari 1.2 still lacks support for these."

Some users are still having problems with Web-based e-mail systems with the new release. DH writes "Sorry, folks. I still cannot log in to my employer?s Windows-based Microsoft exchange mail server from home without getting the ?This page cannot be displayed? error message."

Banks Compatibility with more banks seems to be one of the most appreciated improvements in Safari 1.2. Laura Belgrave writes "I can now access SunTrust. Previously, I had to resort to Internet Explorer in order to check my bank accounts. A worthy update."

Launches but now window appears Chris Hughes reports a problem where Safari launches, but no browser window pops up:

"I upgraded to Safari 1.2 (I'm using MacOS 10.3.2) and when I launch the application it bounces in the dock, the black triangle appears as though the application is running but no Safari window ever appears. No idea what's causing this behavior."

UPDATE: It now appears that this issue may be related to problematic fonts seemingly made susceptible by the Safari 1.2 updater. Several readers have found that removing third party fonts allows Safari to properly display a browser window at launch.

One reader writes "After upgrading to Safari 1.2 I noticed that the launch problem returned and affected several applications in addition to Safari. No third party fonts were installed in Font Book and no third party fonts were in the main font folder. I resolved the problem by removing third party fonts from the user font folder. This is unusual since Font Book seemed to be the root of the problem before. This time Safari seems to have been responsible for triggering the same bug, even though the fonts in the user folder were not installed by Font Book and did not cause a problem until Safari 1.2 was installed."

Improvements Henrik Boes writes "Seems snappier, for sure. A print-to-PDF problem I was having seems to have disappeared (PDF output had been scaled down as much as 50% compared to its appearance in Safari 1.0 and 1.1.1). Still does not work properly with the FileMaker Pro 6.0v4 web interface: cannot create a new record from the interface as I can with MSIE 5.2.x.."

Frank Marder adds "The Sprint PCS account management site works a lot faster than before. Although they finally recognized Safari a few weeks ago everything was sloooooooooow. It is still not as fast as with a PC, but it is now livable."

Seth Chandler notes "the windows finally stay sized, exaclty where I put them.

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