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Troubleshooting QuickTime 6.4: Unsanity APE conflict

Troubleshooting QuickTime 6.4: Unsanity APE conflict

We have been receiving a few reports as of late noting a problem combining movie segments in QuickTime 6.4 Pro. Like a number of other minor issues, this problem traces back to the Unsanity Application Enhancer subsystem.

MacFixIt reader Norm Benjamin writes "While using Quicktime 6.4 Pro in Mac OS X 10.3.1, I had been having trouble combining several .mov segments into one file. When I did a "select all-copy" on the second movie, then "paste" at the end of the first movie, QuickTime 6.4 Pro would think for a while then crash.

"I ducked back into my 10.2.8 partition, then tried the operation again (it also crashed). I was able to generate a crash log, which identified Unsanitiy's 'Application Enhancer' module (1.4.1) as the culprit. By disabling the Application Enhancer, I am able to now join large files again in both Mac OS X 10.2.8 and 10.3.1."

To uninstall Unsanity APE modules, run the original installer and use the uninstall option.

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