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Troubleshooting Quicken 2004 R2: Clearing transaction issue; crashing

Troubleshooting Quicken 2004 R2: Clearing transaction issue; crashing

Yesterday we noted the release of Quicken 2004 R2 (release 2) and its according fix for an export problem in the initial release of the finance tool. Since then we've received a few dozen reports of minor problems with the update.

Several readers report that after updating, they are no longer able to clear a transaction without going to the ?Reconcile window. Reader Maximir writes ?If i click on the 'Clear' column, a 'C' appears as usual, but as soon as I click Enter to save the transaction, the 'C' disappears.

Known issue? Tom Ropers reports that Intuit technical support has confirmed the clearing transaction problem: "I just finished a chat session with Quicken tech support, and was told that this was a known issue with the R2 release and that hopefully a new update would be available soon. At least I can launch and use Quicken, unlike some other users who applied the R2 update.

Meanwhile, we continue to receive reports of problems with Quicken 2004 R2 crashing after updating. John Schank writes "Yep, I have the same problem mentioned. After applying the update, Quicken crashes right after the splash screen. I re-installed from the original 2004 CD, and I could open my files and all of my data seemed ok. So I tried the update again. Same problem. I'm currently using the original CD version. Until Quicken posts an Update update."

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