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Troubleshooting QuarkXPress

Troubleshooting QuarkXPress

QuarkXPress Updater 4.02r0 vs. 4.02r1 A couple of readers noted that Quark 4.02r0 updater was online for only a few hours. It was then removed and replaced by QuarkXPress Updater 4.02r1. A few readers have still reported problems getting this updater to work, although most readers seem to have success. Note: You must have version 4.0, 4.01r0 or 4.01r1 to use this updater.

QuarkXPress and Font Reserve Readers continue to report that DiamondSoft is alive and responding (see item last time). Craig Curtis added a further note about a confirmed problem with Font Reserve: QuarkXPress would crash on a 68K machine (and, in some cases, on Power Macs as well) when using the Font Reserve XTension to auto-load the fonts used in a document. According to the DiamondSoft tech-rep, this is a "recognized problem." The work-around is to remove the XTension. DiamondSoft expects to post a bug-fix update within a few weeks.

QuarkXPress and LaserWriter 8500 glitch Ed Wong reports a bug/hardware problem with the LaserWriter 8500 when using QuarkXPress (and possibly other similar applications): It prints short along the width of the paper. He was coming up 1/16" short on trim marks from Quark on a letter size page. He called Apple about this and they said they know about this and are "working on a solution." Other readers have reported avariety of other Quark quirks with this printer.