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Troubleshooting iTunes 4.2: iLife integration issues; freezes when accessing numerous shared iTunes Libraries

Troubleshooting iTunes 4.2: iLife integration issues; freezes when accessing numerous shared iTunes Libraries

iLife integration issues MacFixIt reader Dave Kupiec reports an issue with iDVD 4 where iTunes playlists do not work properly from within iDVD:

"I created a Slideshow in iPhoto 4 and assigned a 3 song playlist to it. Tested and played great in iPhoto. Then, clicked to send to iDVD... due to some bug in either iPhoto or iDVD, the song assigned to my iDVD slideshow was NOT any of the songs in the playlist.

"So, I then dragged the correct playlist from the iDVD Audio palette directly to the iDVD slideshow. Now, in Preview, the iDVD slideshow played correctly and with all 3 songs in sequence. With 'Fit to Audio' selected, the slideshow ended perfectly on cue at the end of the third song

"Then the moment of truth. Burned to DVD and played it. I thought everything was going perfect when it started the second song, but after that, it looped back to the first song, never playing the third at all. And worse, the music ended abruptly mid-song when the slideshow ended. In other words, the Fit to Audio selection that worked so well in Preview did not make it to the finished DVD.

"Others who have reported this problem get only the first song in the playlist, or some random other song not even in the playlist!"

There are currently two threads (1, 2) on Apple's Discussions forums about this issue. The posts in one of those threads indicate that this issue can even occur with slideshows exported from iPhoto as QuickTime movies, suggesting that the issue may be related to iTunes' integration with other iLife apps rather than an issue with iDVD or iPhoto.

Freezes when accessing numerous shared Libraries Reader Simone Manganelli, who uses iTunes in a network setting with many other local iTunes users, reports a couple of problems when there is a large number of iTunes Libraries available via Rendezvous:

"I'm in a setting where there are always over 20 actively shared music libraries in my Source list, and a lot of the time close to 40 or 50... what happens is sometimes I want to go about 3 songs back in [a] shared library and listen to a particular song to which I recently listened. But if I rapidly click the previous track button 4 times in succession (the first only restarts the current playing track), iTunes freezes up and I get the spinning beachball cursor until I force quit iTunes. Doing the same thing on my own library works perfectly -- iTunes handles all of the clicks on the previous track button and plays the song that was 3 songs back.

"I can even sometimes get some weird effects -- if I click pretty fast on the previous track button twice but not extremely fast, I can get the previous song to play twice SIMULTANEOUSLY! The song sounds all echo-y, because the song is being played twice but just a bit out of sync. In these cases, iTunes doesn't hang, and pausing and starting playback again restores iTunes to playing the song just once."

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