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Troubleshooting Bluetooth firmware 1.0.2: Installation problems

Troubleshooting Bluetooth firmware 1.0.2: Installation problems

Several readers are reporting problems with the Bluetooth firmware 1.0.2 updater, released earlier this week by Apple.

Steve Mattson writes "In my case I have the Apple internal Bluetooth unit, the firmware updater reports that the current firmware is up-to-date when in fact it is not," while Markus Moranz reports "The Updater searches for a device and does not find one. Instead Bluetooth is deactivated and not accessible until restart after finishing the Updater Application. After the first start, the application can only be terminated via a force quit."

Most of these problems can be avoided by making sure that Bluetooth is turned on (via System Preferences or the menubar) during installation. Apple makes no mention of this in its installation instructions, but does offer:

"To avoid any potential problems with performing this update, the USB Bluetooth adapter should be plugged into the computer, not a keyboard, mouse or USB hub. If the firmware updater does not appear to work the first time, try running it again"

UPDATE: For users who are receiving the message that the firmware is up to date when it is actually not (see Steve Mattson's comment above), you may want to try holding down the option key while the firmware updater is launching.


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