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Trouble with V Cast Music?

Trouble with V Cast Music?

One of the biggest cell phone announcements at CES was Verizon's new V Cast Music. Created to compete with the Sprint Music Store, Verizon's service also allows for wireless downloads but at a cheaper price per song and with fewer restricitons. The service, which is Windows based, will launch January 16 with the LG VX8100 as the first supported phone model. Customers with a VX8100 can bring their phone to a Verizon store for an upgrade.

But since the January 5 announcement, we've caught whiff of some disturbing news. According to Phonescoop, the upgrade disables the playback of any preexisting MP3s saved to the memory card. Apparently, the Windows Media Player on the desktop transcodes the MP3 to a WMA file before you can save it to the phone. Again, it looks like a case of one step forward, two steps back.