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Tropism Well senses you need a refreshing drink

Modern version of a water fountain senses your presence and offers you a drink of water with a graceful bow. It's way more elegant than the usual industrial water dispenser.

Tropism Well
Quench your thirst with physics. Poietic Studio

The lowly drinking fountain has been largely neglected as we fill up our wireless hydration-advice-giving water bottles and wear coats that catch and purify rain.

British design group Poietic Studio has given the drinking fountain a new lease on life with the Tropism Well. It senses when you're nearby, sucks water up a tube, fills up a carafe, and elegantly offers it to you.

You'll need to provide your own cup. Otherwise you'll have to kneel down and try to catch the water in your mouth, and nobody wants to see you do that.

The bowing motion is achieved simply by sending the water up the tube. The weight of the water does the rest. Isn't physics fun?

The Tropism Well is a drinking fountain with personality and grace. Those aren't words that would normally be associated with the industrial hunks of metal that usually handle water duty. Think of it as the Jeeves of the water fountain world.

Poietic Studio plans to use the Tropism Well at festivals and other public events. A test run at a local park garnered positive reactions, especially since the park's usual fountain was out of order.

The Tropism Well from Poietic Studio on Vimeo.