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Trojan Horse dons thousands of keyboard keys

Are you considering throwing away that old keyboard? Pop the keys off and make some art instead.

The modern day Trojan Horse. Babis Panagiotidis

One artist sees treasure in trashed keyboards of yesteryear.

Inspired by the tale of ancient Greece's infamously sneaky Trojan Horse and humankind's Internet gluttony, German artist Babis Pangiotidis created an elaborate model of a rocking horse known as "Hedonism(y) Trojaner" with skin made of thousands of forgotten keyboard keys. Babis states on his portfolio site that the shades of color found on the recycled keys range from ivory white to nicotine-stained yellow.

Aside from referencing Greek mythology, the horse supposedly represents the hedonistic online behaviors of modern society. The German artist believes that the heavily commercialized Internet serves as a Trojan virus of sorts, fulfilling our desires without question and infecting nearly all aspects of modern life. Anyone else ready to take a break from being online?

Can someone clean me, please? Babis Panagiotidis

(Via Colossal)