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Trivae takes trivets (and lid holders) to new heights

The Trivae features a unique design that allows it to transform from a trivet to a lid holder. The open-ended rings make grabbing hot lids easy.

The Trivae trivet and lid holder transforms to fit the task.
The Trivae trivet and lid holder transforms to fit the task. Trivae

And there you are: in the kitchen staring at the thing in your hand wondering where to put it. I understand because it has happened to me... every time I'm in the kitchen. It doesn't have to be the result of cooking up a storm or creating complex dishes; it can happen and does, with one-pot meals. It spawns a simple question, fraught with annoying answers: where the heck am I supposed to put this lid?

The choice is usually either right-side up or upside down, neither of which give appetizing alternatives. Right-side up and collected, condensation drips everywhere; upside down, and you will subsequently have to find a way to pick it up again without burning your hand. The simple fact that the handle of the lid is located smack-dab in the center has for generations given cooks pause. However it is exactly that feature which finally brings home the right tool for the job -- and many others, too.

Consisting of two rings connected by a common spine, the Trivae is a transforming kitchen tool that can be used as a trivet, a lid holder or a display stand. In the flat position, the Trivae is a long trivet that can be used to hold lasagna pans and cookie trays. Unlock one the rings and twist up, and suddenly that double-sided trivet becomes a serving stand (say if those cookies are a particularly good batch and deserve a little showing off).

Even more utility can be achieved out of the vertical position thanks to the horseshoe shape of the rings; just slide upside-down lids into the top ring to hold steaming-hot pot lids. More importantly, it makes the lids easy to be grabbed when it is time to put them back into action. Each ring is controlled by its own button, so the other ring can be unlocked and the whole device can be folded up into the size of a traditional trivet or for easy storage.

The Trivae has a Kickstarter project featuring an early-bird pledge of $45 to receive it in classic black.

Update, Dec. 9, 2014: The above Kickstarter project fell short of funding and was relaunched. It achieved successful funding within hours. Be sure to check out the new Trivae Kickstarter page.