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Tritton's Bluetooth headset hangs on for dear life

"Flexible finger grips" keep it from falling out.

Tritton Technologies

Being among the last holdouts who don't own a Bluetooth headset, we've often wondered how well they stay lodged in one's aural canal. It's not that we're philosophically opposed them--well, maybe a little--but we've just had horrible luck with earphones that refuse to inhabit our apparently misshapen ears.

This is why Tritton's new "AX Micro" Bluetooth headset is of particular interest. In addition to the usual features, including 5 hours of talk time and 150 on standby, this tiny gadget claims to have a "comfort fit attachment" and "flexible finger grips" that latch onto the inner ear rim to keep the headset from falling out, according to Slippery Brick.

It also comes in basic black, which we appreciate for aesthetic reasons because it seems to be increasingly rare. If we want to make a fashion statement with our ears, we'll just get a hearing aid.