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Tripod gives camera permanent legs

It attaches to the bottom so you don't have to carry separate equipment.

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One of the many great things about digital cameras is convenience: They're always ready to shoot and are often small enough to carry in your pocket anywhere. Tripods, however, are another matter altogether. And if you drink as much coffee as we do at Crave, your hands can use all the steadying help they can get.

That's why something like the "Always-On Millipod" may be the perfect solution for caffeine-addled types like us. Billed as the "slimmest tripod ever," according to OhGizmo, it attaches to the bottom of a point-and-shoot camera and folds away until needed, when its legs pop out on a moment's notice.

That means you won't have to lug around something like a "Gorillapod" or hunt for rocks to fill your "Camera Stabilising Bag." Better still, you'll save yourself the humiliation of having to use the "Quick Pod" once and for all.