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TripAdvisor acquires maker of personal journal app Rove

By snatching up ZeTrip, which makes the Rove travel log app, TripAdvisor can further expand its offerings beyond search and reviews and keep consumers engaged throughout their trip.

Rove is now owned by TripAdvisor. Rove

Travel reviews and booking site TripAdvisor has acquired a small startup that helps people journal their adventures away from home.

TripAdvisor has acquired San Mateo, Calif.-based ZeTrip, maker of the travel-journaling app Rove, TripAdvisor announced on Monday. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but TripAdvisor did say that ZeTrip employees are already working at its Palo Alto, Calif., office and have been integrated into its mobile team.

TripAdvisor's latest acquisition is part of the company's broader strategy to expand its offerings outside of travel search and reviews. Earlier this month, TripAdvisor announced that it had acquired SeatMe, a service that helps users reserve restaurant seating in The Netherlands. In July, TripAdvisor acquired Viator to improve its presence in the sightseeing market. A year earlier, TripAdvisor picked up GateGuru, which provides flight and airport information to users.

Rove works on mobile devices and allows users to journal their travel experiences. The app, which relies on location information, is able to automatically determine where a person is, such as a restaurant, and log that in the journal. Everything housed in the app is kept confidential, so only the user can see his or her trip data.

As of this writing, Rove is still available and TripAdvisor has provided no indication that that will change. However, TripAdvisor did say that it could integrate Rove's features into its own mobile app in the future.

TripAdvisor's shares are stagnant after news of the acquisition, falling two cents to $66.99.

TripAdvisor, which is based in Newton, Mass., and has about 2,7000 employees, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.