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Trick or treat: SlingPlayer for Mac beta available

The SlingPlayer viewing software for Mac OS X is now available for download.

SlingPlayer Mac Beta

The Slingbox is no longer a Windows-only device. Today, Sling Media posted the beta version of the SlingPlayer software for Mac OS X. As to be expected with beta software, there are a few caveats: for now, the software is intended only for U.S. and Canadian Slingbox owners, and it will run only on Macs running OS X version 10.4. That said, we were able to download, install, and run it on an iMac in well under five minutes, and it performed smoothly during our first full day of testing. Download links and an FAQ are available at the Sling Media Web site.

In addition to the long-promised Mac support, all Slingbox models can stream live TV to Windows PCs and Windows Mobile devices. The company has announced its intention to add support for Symbian smartphones and has also hinted at the likelihood of a Palm OS client in the near future. Meanwhile, Sony's rival LocationFree TV product streams TV to Windows PCs, Macs, and the PSP--and it will also be supporting some Symbian phones in the future.