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Tricera Hi-Tops make your feet dino-mite

These Cretaceous kicks will make feet fancy for the coolest kid in town.

Archaix Laboratories

Have you ever wished your feet were dinosaurs? For the palaeophiliac child or adult in your life (or you!), that dream may soon become a reality, thanks to a based Brooklyn-company called Archaix Laboratories which has created a shoe line called Tricera Hi-Tops.

Like the name suggests, the shoe draws its inspiration from one of the world's best-loved Cretaceous dinos: the three-horned triceratops.

"Sixty-five million years ago, triceratops went extinct," the team wrote on Kickstarter, where it is seeking funding. "A year ago, the idea for Tricera Hi-Tops came into our heads. After a lot of Googling to confirm these weren't already a thing, we got to work to make them a thing."

The high-top shoes are in the shape of the triceratops' head, built around the basic shape of a sports sneaker. They slip on the feet and fasten with Velcro, using similar materials, the team said, as high performance running shoes, over which sits a moulded synthetic leather dinosaur face.

"Tricera Hi-Tops are comfortable. We do not recommend them for a triathlon, but they are breathable, functional shoes that feel like an athletic sneaker," Archaix wrote.

The team is producing a full run of kid and adult sizes, with kids coming in at a minimum pledge of $88 (which would be AU$94, £53) and adults $99 (which would be AU$106, £59). Sadly, these kicks ship in the US only; Archaix Laboratories has suggestions in the FAQ about shipping proxies. Head on over to the Kickstarter project page to get started on your journey to stompy joy.

Update, Monday at 2:00 p.m. PT: The Tricera Hi-Tops ship in the US only.