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'Tri-Bot' wheels in a new era

Rolling bot replaces WowWee's venerable Robosapien.


So long, Robosapien. It's been a good run, but face it: When McDonald's starts giving you away with Happy Meals, it's probably a sign that your 15 minute of fame are over.

Enter the "Tri-Bot." WowWee's successor to the groundbreaking Robosapien follows closely in its footsteps with exceptional mobility for a toy robot, except that it has no feet. Instead, it has a three-wheeled base that allows it to turn in any direction at the sharpest angles. The bot made an appearance earlier this year at CES, but RobotsRule has just posted the first detailed reviewof it here.

The wheels make it easier to play games and maneuver in general, especially on thick carpets. It also has a sensor remote, which can control the bot's movements simply by tilting, not unlike the way a Wiimote works.

But a feature that's perhaps even more noteworthy is its software, which gives it "the personality of an affable hyperactive youngster" who "frequently makes humorous comments to spice up your playtime with him," RobotsRule says. This could get irritating as well, because Tri-Bot apparently will also make comments on things like dirty floors. Although, given the stained carpet in the video below, one can't really blame it.