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Treo, schmeo--hello, Moto Q

Treo, schmeo--hello, Moto Q

The CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment show is in town this week, and while this three-day event is more about wireless services and technologies than about handsets, it's no sleeper. I got a chance to sit down with Microsoft today to talk more about its Windows Mobile 5 operating system, but perhaps the most exciting thing of all was actually seeing and holding the Motorola Q. Of course, we can't speak for its performance yet, but in terms of form factor, the Palm Treo had better look out. It's one thing to look at the dimensions of the Q on paper, but seeing the live product was awesome. It's superthin (about as thin as the Motorola Razr closed) and ultralight, yet it doesn't feel like Motorola sacrificed anything in the quality of construction. It's solid, and the keyboard and controls are easy to use. And the screen? Oh, the beautiful, bright screen. Sadly, we couldn't slip out the door with this slick device, and Microsoft said the smart phone wouldn't be available till mid-2006. However, Motorola CEO Ed Zander said the Q is expected to ship in December, just in time for the holidays. But what's on your wish list: the Motorola Q or the Windows-based Palm Treo?