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Treo 680 moves closer to launch

The Treo 680 could launch November 5.

Treo lovers, ready your thumbs, as a release date for the new Treo 680 is now flying around the Web. When we first brought you the news of the low-cost Treo 680 earlier this month, we couldn't tell you much in the way of availability. But now it seems the device will go on sale November 5, and as we suspected, Cingular will be the carrier.

According to a Cingular advertisment posted on Mobility Today, the Treo 680 will cost $200 with service rebates. That might include an unlimited data plan as well, but we're not sure at the moment. Also, Cingular is supposed to introduce the Cingular 8525 smart phone. It should be an update of the previous Cingular 8125. Though Mobility Today predicted a release date of October 29, that day has come and gone without any announcement. Stay tuned for announcements on the availability of both devices.

For more on the Treo 680, see CNET's exclusive video and slide show.

(Photo: CNET Networks)