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Tech Industry

Treo 650 moves into Switzerland

The Treo 650 smart phone device is now available in Switzerland through Swisscom Mobile and its next-generation wireless network, Treo maker PalmOne said on Monday. Swisscom Mobile, which has more than 4 million customers, operates a nationwide GSM network (the 900/1800MHz range), which was upgraded by the use of EDGE (Enhanced Data for Global Evolution) this spring. The company's current 3G network supports live TV and video telephony and covers around 90 percent of the populated area of Switzerland. The company also supports Internet access via wireless LAN at more than 800 hotspots.

The Treo 650, which made its debut last November, is available through U.S. carriers such as Sprint, Cingular and Verizon. It has integrated Bluetooth technology, multimedia capabilities, a removable battery, next-generation computer memory, an improved backlit keyboard and support for direct corporate e-mail access to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 using VersaMail e-mail software.