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Trellix tool bundles HTML files

The content distribution tool, currently in beta, bundles multiple HTML files into a single file so they can be sent via email.

Trellix today announced that a beta version of its Trelligram utility, a Web content distribution tool, is available for download from its Web site.

Trelligram is a tool that bundles multiple HTML files into a single file so they can be sent via email. Without the tool, a standard Web page would require separate files for text, hyperlinks, graphics, frames, and other elements. Trelligram in essence lets users "send a Web site" in an email message, according to Dan Bricklin, Trellix founder and chief technical officer.

"HTML has become the output format of choice for many things," said Bricklin, who calls HTML the "write once and read anywhere" protocol, a take-off on Sun Microsystems' claims for Java.

He believes HTML is a better way, compared to word processing, for authoring products that will be read on a computer screen

"We think the Web is moving to the office," he said.

With Trelligram, a recipient clicks on the single file, which will open for viewing through the recipient's Web browser. The Trelligram contains a local HTTP server, smaller than 100K, which serves files from the document to the recipient's Web browser. Users also can "unpack" a Trelligram file and save the various files to disk.

"In the future, I would expect to see the Trelligram technology incorporated into any business and consumer application that creates digital content intended to be shared electronically," Chris Shipley, editor of Demoletter, said in a statement.

Bricklin is awaiting feedback from users before deciding how to market his Web-reading utility, which remains free while it is in beta testing. Licensing terms for other software vendors have not been determined.

Trelligram also works as an add-on to Trellix 1.0, an HTML authoring tool that Trellix began shipping in November for about $99. A free trial version on Trellix's Web site is good for about 30 days.

The plug-in will let Trellix users share their work with each other. Trellix hopes wide distribution of Trelligram will increase demand for its authoring software.