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Trekkie travels galaxy for home theater

Ultimate fan gets authentic equipment from studio sets.

Electronic House

There are Trekkies, and then there are Trekkies. Gary Sekulow falls into whatever category he wants.

Electronic House

Many others have tried to replicate various parts of the seminal show's sets, but Sekulow wasn't satisfied with reproductions--so he went after the real thing in building the ultimate Star Trek home theater. He bought two original bridge consoles at a Christie's auction last year, just a sample of the appointments that complement the centerpiece captain's chair from the first three seasons of Star Trek: Enterprise, according to Electronic House. Various other pieces come from the sets of the movies First Contact, Insurrection and Nemesis.

There was only one problem: He ran out of space (the interior variety), so the actual multimedia equipment had to be installed in a separate room. But that's probably not a bad thing, because 2007 gear would have looked uncharacteristically retro in the mid-21st century.