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Trekkie forced to sink Voyager-themed flat

Lifelong U.K. sci-fi fan Tony Alleyne must take apart his "Star Trek"-themed abode so it can be listed as a "conventional property." Conventionality is so overrated.

Trekkie apartment
Blue downlights give visitors the illusion of being beamed up. 24th Century Design

We wish all Trekkie stories could be as happy as that of the DIY Enterprise gondola we recently spotted bobbing calmly atop a Southern California canal.

But life isn't always sunshine and purring Tribbles. And so it is that we bring you a Trekkie tale with a tragic twist.

Click to enlarge. 24th Century Design

Lifelong sci-fi fan Tony Alleyne, a former DJ and current interior design hopeful in the U.K., will probably be forced to dismantle the Hinckley, Leicestershire, Starship-themed flat he spent 10 years creating. Apparently, reports the Register, Alleyne's estranged wife Georgina has been paying the mortgage on the one-bedroom flat since the couple split and now wants to sell it "as conventional property."

We're assuming real estate agents don't generally apply that description to an apartment that's been reworked to look like a Starship Voyager flight deck complete with computer console, flashing lights, and "transporters." Then again, maybe Georgina should try listing the property at Comic-Con.

"To say I'm gutted is an understatement," Alleyne is quoted as saying. "It is my life's work--and it looks like it's going into a skip. I admit there were tears." He estimates that it would take him at least $156,000 to create another apartment in the Voyager's image.

British publication The Sun has published a picture of Alleyne in "Star Trek" gear and a sad visage that reinforces his disappointment. Geek sympathizers that we are, we're half-tempted to start a fund to get him a Star Trek door chime and Star Trek mailbox for his next abode.

Even the bathroom gets the futuristic treatment. 24th Century Design
24th Century Design