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'TrekDesk': Another shackle to the workstation

This one is a desk that's fitted for existing treadmills.


When Crave first started seeing workstation fitness machines, we thought they were just a passing novelty. But now we're seriously beginning to wonder--and worry--whether they're actually catching on.

The desk treadmill seems to be the most popular form of office exercise, as evidenced by the "Walkstation" and the "TreadDesk," respectively estimated at $6,500 and up to $4,000. But now they have yet another competitor that may end up being substantially cheaper.

The "TrekDesk" is an alternative to the other all-in-one setups, a universal workstation that instead attaches to a standard existing treadmill with adjustable height, center console, manuscript stand, and cupholder. (That green exercise ball is part of the ergonomic TrekDesk Chair, which is sold separately.)

Although the price isn't final yet, the desk is expected to cost less than $549. There's just one catch: The treadmill isn't included. Still, if you already have one that's been gathering cobwebs, this might be a way to get some use out of it for a change.

(Thanks, Steve)