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'Trek' visions unite at Beam Me Up art expo

Creativity goes warp speed at a recent exhibit featuring 80 artists' wonderful (and wacky) works dedicated to "Star Trek."

Artist Michal Wright-ward created this fuzzy tribute to the tribble in "The First (and Last) Tribble to Join Starfleet." What rank do you give a tribble? Michal Wright-ward

When "Star Trek" hit television screens nearly 47 years ago, little could series creator Gene Roddenberry have imagined he'd created a science fiction phenomenon still celebrated to this day. A recent exhibit of "Trek" art called Beam Me Up in downtown L.A.'s Q Pop gallery brought together 80 artists who shared their unique interpretation of Roddenberry's vision (and its various spinoffs). You can even buy some of the artwork if it's still available.

Our gallery below highlights a handful of art from the exposition, which concluded earlier this month after a multiweek run. With works ranging from a bright neon Spock to larger-than-life Picard playing a flute on top of the Enterprise, there's probably a little bit of something for everyone.