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TreeHugger acquisition confirmed

The blog will become part of Discovery Communications' new Planet Green offering.

A representative for eco-blog TreeHugger has confirmed that the site has been acquired by Discovery Communications, parent company of the Discovery Channel, The Science Channel, Animal Planet, and several other properties. A report of the deal initially surfaced in the New York Post today.

A press release from Discovery and TreeHugger confirmed that the blog will be part of the upcoming Planet Green network, but financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. The New York Post had suggested a $10 million price tag.

" is a strategic complement to our digital media portfolio, aligning perfectly with Discovery?s corporate values and the Planet Green initiative," Bruce Campbell, Discovery Communications' president of Digital Media, Emerging Networks and Business Development, said in a joint statement. "Bringing into the Discovery family gives it the resources to continue doing what it does best: bringing green living to the masses."

TreeHugger founder Graham Hill added, "Discovery Communications, with its global reach and high level of commitment to Planet Green, is launching the most significant effort in green media to date--and we?re excited to be part of it."