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Tree house living, the next green thing?

Architectural company working on tree house design for future living.

Artist's conception of living house

Many traditional societies have partaken tree house living. And some of us had tree houses when we were kids. Now a New York-based nonprofit is promising a tree house for future high-tech, low-impact living.

The group is In their own words, "Terreform is a nonprofit organization and philanthropic design collaborative that integrates ecological principles in the urban environment."

Terreform says it is close to making its first sale. Zoning regulations and building codes may present a problem. Walls that grow and change shape?

Like any self-respecting tree, the Fab Tree Hab would collect rainwater. The walls would be clay and straw. Windows would be a soy-based plastic, capable of expanding as the structure grows. Now, if they can only insure that closets would grow faster than the rest of the house.