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Travel tech: Because you can carry only so much

What's the best all-round travel kit out there?

Crave UK

To ensure you get some of the best technology coverage in the world, Crave travels quite a bit--which means we regularly get to test stuff out on the road. But after all this testing, what do we think is the best all-round travel kit out there?

Before we delve into the world of travel-friendly tech, let's start with the bag you'll need to carry all this gear around in. Our gadget bag of choice has to be the Crumpler Warm Shower laptop and photo bag (pictured here).

We love the cozily named Warm Shower because it has all the compartments we need to store our laptop, dSLR, and other gadgets safely, and most importantly it's comfortable to wear. Our only niggle with it is that there could be a few more external pockets for storing bits and pieces that you need quick access to. Click here to see more gear for the road.

(Source: Crave UK)