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Travel sleep device straps your head to your seat

The humble headband gets an upgrade to become the Relax Ally, a sleeping device that keeps your head in the upright and locked position.

Relax Ally head band
Strap in for some zzzzs. Relax Alley

Judging by the number of weird sleep aid devices on the market, people must be desperate to catch a few quality winks. Getting in a decent nap is even harder when you're on the go. So far, we've seen a pillow that swallows your head and a neck contraption that holds your chin up. Now, meet the Relax Ally.

The Relax Alley on Indiegogo is described as a "travel restband." At first glance, it looks like a sporty headband you might wear to participate in a tennis tournament. Look closer and you see it has another band attached at the back. That second band hooks over the headrest of your seat. Tighten it up and your head is held in place.

The Relax Ally has one thing going for it. It's a lot less conspicuous than many of the other devices we've seen. It is, however, a bit more expensive than just taking your chances with an inflatable neck pillow. The Indiegogo early bird prices start at $39. The regular price is $64.

Once you get over the goofiness of the product, it does seem to make sense for weary travelers who have trouble sleeping while sitting upright. It should help keep your whole body in the right place instead of slumped over onto your seatmate's shoulder.

Relax Ally in use
Strap your head to anything handy. Relax Ally