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11 Twitter reactions to news of the Trappist-1 star system

NASA's big news Wednesday about a star system with seven Earth-size exoplanets blew up on Twitter. Here's what people were saying.

You've probably already heard by now that a star system named Trappist-1 first identified around 20 years ago has seven planets in a tight orbit -- and at least three of them could host liquid water. At just 39 light-years away, the star system is huge news because it may be the best possibility so far for proving there's life out there beyond Earth.

I decided to take to Twitter to check reactions, but you might as well stop reading now if you want serious or scientific discussion. I'm only going to post the clever and funny reactions -- and maybe a few weird ones.

Volunteering to leave was a pretty common reaction:

Beware poor-quality GIF:

A simple and direct response to NASA's 360 tour of Trappist-1:

She's obviously ready to go:

We have another tribute, everyone:


NewEgg's response made me say "I want to believe!"

Some were more interested in the plausibility of actually going:


Let's not jump the gun here. We don't even know what they look like:

Reviewed as though it was a video game:

Maybe that's why he's so incredibly good at futbol:

Finally, Jimbo Slice is asking the tough questions (and I agree):

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