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Transport back to a simpler time with this retro LCD TV

The 20-inch TV from Japan is styled after TVs of yesteryear and doubles as storage space.


While ultra-thin flat screens might save more space, retro enthusiasts might find a place for this old-school LCD TV box.

Japan-based Doshisha has developed a unique LCD TV, replete with modern tech but with a 60-year-old aesthetic.

The screen has all of the modern amenities you could expect, such as USB and HDMI connectors, LAN, AV and digital audio outputs. It's the TV housing that makes it stand out, however. Decked out in mahogany-red wood with an off-white plastic front paneling, the Vintage Taste TV wouldn't be so out of place in a 1950's showroom. It even has functional volume and channel switching knobs and four-stilted legs.

TVs have become particularly slender, and lightweight, perhaps one of the most impressive being the LG G6, with its wafer-thin appearance but uncomfortably hefty price tag. Priced at around $950, this TV tries to battle tech power with retro style.

As the screen itself is flat, the box doubles as storage space, with the top of the case opening up to offer ample room for other electronics, DVDs or perhaps a Nintendo Mini NES Classic -- if you were lucky enough to get one -- completing the retro experience.