TransparencyCamp to shed light on tech policy

A new industry gathering hopes to bring together technology geeks and policy wonks for improved technology policy. The "unconference" is assembling stellar participants.

Tech Culture

Given how poorly the government seems to do with spending money (feeble-minded stimulus bill, anyone?), it's refreshing to hear about TransparencyCamp, an effort to "remix the geeks and the wonks so we can integrate transparency with policy in the government."

It's a laudable goal--one to be welcomed as technology CEOs lobby the U.S. federal government for policies and "stimuli" favorable to themselves.

This "unconference" has already assembled some stellar participants, including Tim O'Reilly of O'Reilly Media, Apache luminary Brian Behlendorf, Bob Biersack of the Federal Election Commission, team leader Sheila Campbell, several congressional staff members, and others.

It's an interesting initial foray into bridging the gap between technology policy and technology practitioners, but will only succeed if it moves beyond talk to action. Let's hope that the unconference doesn't content itself with transparency for transparency's sake, and instead agitates for real change in the way government does business.

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